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Last October, 2016, I wrote a post after reading about how women are frequently sexually abused. It was real and true, but I hid it after a day or two because I was embarrassed. I didn’t feel comfortable sharing the events because I rarely share anything about me with really anyone at all. Private? Well yes. Strange for a blogger, right? 😉

I have put it back in place. Public. It’s here if anyone would like to see it.

There are so many women standing up these days and saying we should be treated differently, better. Our bodies belong to us. Not the general public. My voice felt early and glaring, but I put it out there.

There are women who have had far worse things happen to them than I have. My heart goes out to them.

May we all, one day, learn to respect each other. All of us, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or anything else that might make us different.

For all of the progress we seem to make, it never seems enough.

I hope that changes. Soon.



7 thoughts on “Let’s Chat…some more

      1. It’s true they make me very grateful for the good ones. It’s okay I think just had a touch of the flu with the regular issues and that never helps. Yesterday was terrible and 2/3 of today not so good. But feeling quite a bit better now around supper here. Not feeling like eating but that’s okay. A flu diet is always good thing before Christmas for a few days 🙂

        How are you doing?

      2. So true! I hope you feel better soon. I think this season always does such a fantastic job of wearing us all down and bringing emotions to the forefront, good and bad.
        I’m doing okay. Always feel like I’m constantly behind, which has been a theme for months now. I have the plan of catching up and then taking it easy and not getting myself in so deep the next time.
        Happy writing, Mandi!

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