The Four Letter Word

What is this four-letter word that drives the DC-area so nuts that the ingredients for French toast are the first things that they run to the store to buy?

french toast weather


Yes, we are about to have French toast weather. Can anyone explain to me why people get bread, milk, and eggs, but forget the syrup? Is this a radical French toast movement that I’m unaware of?

And, yes, so far as I’ve looked at headlines I’ve seen: 3 inches of snow expected! 5 inches of snow to fall! We could get as much as 6 inches! Any minutes now it will be snowmageddon all over again!

The sky WILL be falling. It will be white and start building up and we will panic. We aren’t waiting. Why procrastinate on panic when you can do it now?

5 inches? That may be more than half the height of Louie the loaner dog! Talk about panic.


It’s Saturday tomorrow. Let it snow.

4 thoughts on “The Four Letter Word

  1. May I suggest making your own banana syrup? In a skillet, add brown sugar, Smart Balance (no butter for vegans), then melt these two and slice a banana into it, cook only 30 seconds or so (bananas cook quickly) and voila! Pour over French toast, waffles, or pancakes. Yummy! Enjoy the snow.

  2. I grew up in Springfield, just south of DC…and nothing has changed. The first hint of snow in the air and everyone panicked. Stores would be swept clean of eggs, bread and milk…and TP. lol Mother used to make french toast, and we’d cover it with strawberry syrup. We’d make a few pints every summer then use it only in the snow days.

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