Deck the Halls #weekendcoffeeshare

cookiesIn a week, it will be Christmas Eve. I doubt you really need me to tell you that if you’re in the midst of shopping or decorating or baking. I just finished my first round of baking and am just about to pour myself a cup of coffee–appropriate for a coffee share, no?

Join me.


So my last personal post told you that we were expecting snow and it actually happened, much to my surprise. We had several inches and it looked beautiful with the Christmas lights. The neighbor kids had a great time sledding down tiny slopes.

IMG_3123 (2)


Louie the loaner dog returned to his family on Thursday. Unfortunately I discovered as I was making the 40-odd minute drive to work with Louie and accoutrements in tow was that Louie expects to travel not in his bag or bed. He expects to travel on your lap; a fact I only found out as I put him in the capable hands of his “Dad.” Louie’s first bark almost sent me through the roof of the dogmobile. The subsequent 25 minutes of unhappiness made me ecstatic to see my work building. No singing, cajoling, or sweet talk would assuage him. Nonetheless, I loved Louie’s visit and welcome him back any time…as long as I don’t have to drive him. Heh.

For those of you who are wondering about the latest squirrel antics, let me just say they continue to win. I purchased a pole, placed it farther than 5 feet from anywhere they might jump from, and then added a bird feeder and a suet basket. Just for the birds. The squirrels could have the other “eateries.” For a whole day, my little squirrel friends were confounded. Let’s just say, that didn’t last.

“Really, human? You think to thwart my sunflower seed habit? Tsk. Tsk.”

One more for you nature lovers. From September through May, the guy who bird watches as much as I do…just with different intentions.


And, instead of writing, I’ve been knitting gifts. I think that I mentioned that somewhere here, sometime. Wanna see?

I’m in the middle of a scarf I hope to have done by tomorrow, but considering that I haven’t touched it all day except to take pictures, I’m not sure. It will probably take the Hallmark channel and more coffee to accomplish the task. Let me show you what it looks like so far.

If you notice that the scarf looks different from the label, it is. First the one on the label is crocheted and second, it’s crocheted horizontally. I’m doing mine on the diagonal, which I think makes the color transitions look more polished.

I’m hoping to have a holiday short story for you all this week. In the meantime, if you missed last year’s, you can find it here, Thurmount Holiday.  The first installment began on December 5, 2016 so make sure you start with that one, if you do read it. (I may even go back and read it!) 😆

Ahhhh, coffee. More please.

You all have a terrific, stress-free week. Thanks for sharing coffee and this short break with me.




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      1. I am good Sascha thank you. been baking on the weekend and watched a good movie too. you are very blessed. your words on coffee, cute Louie and baking gave me a lot of Christmas spirit. warmest greetings to you!❄

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