Happy Solstice!

sun rising



As I write this, 9:27 am, it is exactly 2 hours before the winter solstice. On our walk this morning, Scout and I admired our shadows, which we may revisit at 11:27 am. If you happen to be out and about at the solstice, you might take note of your shadow as this is the time of year that it will be the longest. Pretty cool!

Happy Solstice!


Me and My Shadow or better known as me and Scout…or rather, our shadows on a very cold winter solstice morning.


4 thoughts on “Happy Solstice!

    • I googled. The only creature that doesn’t have a shadow is a vampire. 😀
      Thank you, Steve! And, thanks for continuing to make this blogging experience of mine so much fun. I’ve appreciated our conversations!
      Happy holidays and happy new year…wishing you the best for 2018!


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