The Microcosm’s Return!

Hello! I hope you all have had the best start to your New Year and it continues to be awesome! 🍾🍾🍾

I thought I should start with a song. But first there’s a preamble to the song… (because, of course, there is)

As I was working today, I put on my Alison Krauss station on Pandora and heard some awesome songs by Patty Griffin. None of which follow. 😆 I went looking for a song to celebrate life, because we always look at the New Year as a chance for starting over and really, when you consider it, we are grateful for the opportunity to have a new day and, well, celebrate our fortune of life. As I was looking, I found this song, Heavenly Day by Patty Griffin, which felt like karma, not to mention that it’s a love song…written for her dog. Hey, it fits Sascha Darlington’s world so, so very well. So here you go a song to start.

I left the Outer Banks ahead of their blizzard or the bombogenesis, as I soon learned it was called. I hadn’t been listening to the weather reports so I had no idea it was coming and might have been stuck there. Wouldn’t that have been awful? heh.

As I was driving over the Wright Memorial Bridge and the Currituck Sound, this is what I saw. (sorry for the picture quality)


Now those may look like waves to you (and me, if I didn’t know better), but it’s ice. In the five winters that I’ve visited OBX, I’ve never seen ice on the Sound or the beach or anywhere there for that matter…oh, forgive me…there was that beverage glass, but that happens in summer, too. 😉

Back in DC, it’s cold and windy (oh, the wind chimes!) with about an inch of powdery snow. Winter.

I’m wading through about 600+ messages in my email (a few of my brain cells are panicking and allergic) and I’m trying to get a plan together for the Microcosm.

Also, I have a story to finish for you all, which will (unless there’s a miracle this evening [It could happen–I believe in miracles!] have a new installment tomorrow (see that? Wasn’t that affirmative and confident and so assured? heh). I’ve also missed reading your blogs. Can’t wait to see what you all have been up to!

Scout would wave to you all if he wasn’t stretched out and dreaming.

Here’s the picture of Scout that didn’t make it onto my last post. It’s from 12/2016 at OBX.

IMG_3934 (2)

Oh, geez. I have a piece of exciting news that I keep forgetting to tell you about because it happened when I was away and basically inert. Maybe I should have even given this its own post. Yikes!


See this beautiful book cover? Well, inside is a story by me! Some of you may have read a rendition (it’s been edited) of it back in the day called, Ella and the Rock Star.

Check it out! From Amazon: Cinderella Reimagined.

I’m available for book signings (giggle). 🤣

Okay. Organization fairy–where ARE you?! I need you now! 🧚‍♀️

Be good. Safe. Warm. (Unless you’re someplace where perspiration is rolling off of you, then I wish for you a brilliantly cool beverage.) Be happy.

Sascha 1/5/2018 (2018!!!!!)


14 thoughts on “The Microcosm’s Return!

      1. Shakespeare did it so well do it’s hard to improve or redo even. Still thinking on it honestly. Maybe I’ll reread a bit first. I’ve seen it many times performed and read it a lot but it’s not as easy to modernize as Cinderella. Lol.

      2. I am confident that you will both come up with an awesome retelling. I’m struggling… obviously! Haha. We have until end of March to write, yay! I think I’ll settle for the part of Hermia and Helena, and Lysander and Demetrius. Me thinks that shall be the least of effort from me. 😃

      3. End of March? Yay. I thought it was the end of February so I kept reminding myself I had to buckle down. My original idea turned out to be YA in nature so I thought I’d better rethink.

    1. I know, right? (I just love typing that phrase.)
      I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately. I’ve known for almost a week and, well, no excuses. I knew I wanted to share.
      I hope you enjoy it.
      Happy 2018!

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