Adulation #amwriting

I don’t think I’ve ever felt bad about one of my Friday Fictioneers stories before, but I guess I have about my last one. I didn’t go over it the 552 times that I usually do, which meant it had gaps.

So, I’m a bad person, but am greedily offering a second try. It’s called Adulation. Thank you for reading!


My big brother took me to the exposition. His band was playing.

I floated in gossamer dreams.

“This is my music,” he said, dissolving into poetic grunge.

Thirty years later, famous, he’s onstage, eyes webbed red, resembling a bloody gossamer dream. He cajoles me, “It’s part of the show.”

I can only believe him. I’m a kindergarten teacher. I teach kids how to draw a turkey by outlining their fingers.

His eyes belong to no one I know.

The dissolving grunge poet disappears behind an entourage.

The ambulance arrives.

I’m never close enough to grasp his hand as he fades.

end 1/7/2018

Sascha Darlington


20 thoughts on “Adulation #amwriting

  1. Dear Sascha,

    I suppose, to her, he’s the one who’s had an exciting, if not destructive life. I liked the contrast of herself as a kindergarten teacher. Methinks the lady has made the better choice. Sad and wistful…nicely done.



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  2. Dear Sascha
    You’ve told that story very well, and I enjoyed reading it several times. It’s poignant, in the little sister’s loss of her brother. However, you cleverly imply that he has been a dreamer and a visionary; he’s paid a high price, but perhaps – for him – it was worth it. And maybe the sister feels just a little that she might have done something more glamorous than kindergarten teacher. (I don’t say better – I think kindergarten teachers do the most important job of all. They are our promise that our society will survive and be civilised)

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    • Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments, Penny! Yes, she might have longed for something more glamorous, but watching her brother may have made her more pragmatic. And, I agree. Most teachers are not given the respect they deserve.

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