Autumn Sunset #amwriting #dVerse

I have not been part of the dVerse universe for a bit, but was thrilled to see this “prompt” and the beautiful pictures shared by Sharon Knight at sunearthsky, each of which could easily produce a poem. And the ones she’s inspired!

I selected the following picture, which spoke to me–because, yes, inanimate objects DO speak to me. 😉



© Sharon Knight

Please visit her website to see more of her stunning photographs.


Autumn Sunset

Can it be

autumn sunsets display

more fragility than those

of other seasons?

The deeply hued sky

abundant grays

amidst blues, creams

dreams of sleep

warm comforters heaped high

dark mornings, early evenings

brusque weather warnings

the crackle of dappled leaves underfoot

skeletal tree limbs pointing upward

toward the leaden heaven

scents of autumn clinging

before still, cold air absorbs aromas.

Not quite deep in winter

I linger over a photograph of autumn’s sunset

when our fingertips last met.


©Sascha Darlington










24 thoughts on “Autumn Sunset #amwriting #dVerse

  1. I find it interesting to see the connection of the beautiful sunset, knowing that it is fleeting and the dark clouds with dark days bring on the winter. Beautifully done!

  2. You describe so well the things I love about Autumn…
    The ending was a surprise….giving it another perspective and layer of fragility.

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