Puppy for Christmas! #amwriting

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Puppy for Christmas!


“I’m getting you a pet for Christmas,” Scott said.

I was over-the-moon. A puppy! Puppy breath! The sweet wagging tail! The 2 am awakenings in the freezing temperatures for house training…but still: Puppy!

On Christmas morning, we lingered over pastry and coffee, opening presents. I was mystified by the quietest puppy in the history of puppydom.

Grinning, Scott left the room.

Here it comes. I was squealing inside wondering what breed it would be, not that it mattered.

He returned with a hairy creature crawling on his forearm.

“What’s that?”

“A Chilean Rose Hair tarantula.”

“Of course, it is.”


end 100 words

Sascha Darlington


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39 thoughts on “Puppy for Christmas! #amwriting

  1. Oh dear, someone has a very different idea of what constitutes a “pet” than she expected! Seems like he was getting her what he wanted, and being oblivious to what she liked — not a good sign for their future together. Makes for a fun story, thought!

  2. On the positive side, she won’t have to spend a lot on veterinarian bills or pet food and cleaning up its poop shouldn’t be too big a problem.

  3. There are probably some advantages but even though you don’t have to put him out to toilet in cold and rain, don’t have to comb his hairs don’t have to do lots of things – I wanted a pupppy. Scott would be going to the dog house if it happened in my house.

  4. I would have asked him to choose between the gift and me, after a heated speech about his insensitivity, had it been my husband . Lucky for Scott, he received such a calm reaction.
    A great, fun story, Sascha.🙂

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