Rat-Ass and The Nutcracker #amwriting #3LineTales

three line tales week 103: a sanitation van in front of pink graffiti

photo by Hans Vivek via Unsplash

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Rat-Ass and The Nutcracker

Look at that graffiti, adding whimsy to this otherwise festering blight of a urine-soaked street dotted with discarded used syringes, shattered malt liquor bottles, and hamburger wrappers.

One of the sanitation workers shouted “rat-ass” when they saw my latest creation, but it’s not like they’re going to remove it, or me—they’d have to catch me first and no one ever suspects a well-dressed, blonde teenaged girl in this area.

I begin my next creation, a rat in a pink tutu to be named aptly enough, Rat-Ass and The Nutcracker.


end 1/13/2018

Sascha Darlington






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