I Must Have Blinked

I tried not to blink. Yet, here I am storing Christmas decorations when it seemed as if I just did that. How had a year passed so quickly? What was there to show for it? A few gray hairs? A dog a year older and slower?

My mother always said: appreciate your school years. Once you’re out time flies by.

I remember thinking: not for me. I will hold on to each moment. I will live each moment with mindfulness.

And, here I am, wondering where the past twenty years have gone.

I think I blinked.



Sascha Darlington

4 thoughts on “I Must Have Blinked

  1. Perfectly said. I thought exactly the same thing “it won’t happen because I won’t let it happen, I’ll hold on tightly” but it happened anyway and time moved on and continues moving even more quickly with each passing year. I thought it would slow down when the kids were grown, but it’s sped up even faster, like hurtling through space at a frenzied pace. Loved this so much, Sascha. I could equate in every way.

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