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“I’d rather have a day of fantastic with you than years of ordinary with someone else,” she said to Jasper.

Her life devolved into a nauseating carnival ride of infrequent ecstasy succeeded by tumultuous lows when angry tears, alone, frequently befriended her.

She remembered her pity for Jane and Mac, her best friends who were best friends before their marriage. That seemed bloodless. Where was the passion?

Alone, in front of the fireplace while the wind whipped branches across the windows, Megan sipped a watery pinot while craving a different man—a friend—and an ordinary life.


end 1/19/2018

Sascha Darlington

26 thoughts on “Ordinary #amwriting

  1. That old “be careful what you wish for” came and bit her in the behind. The wild and carefree gets old after a while. I know.. 😉

  2. Dear Sascha,

    Wild and carefree only works for so long. There’s a lot to be said for an ordinary, safe life. Although a balance of both would be nice. Well told story.



  3. I love the opening line. A Romanticised view of life and love when we are really young vs. how life makes us tick off those views and thoughts as fallacious as we grow with time and experience has been so well portrayed here.
    Beautifully written story, Sascha.

    1. Thanks, Moon. That’s exactly what I had in mind. I read the line in a book and thought…well, what if you had more time with that person than just a few hours. Maybe it wouldn’t be as wonderful.

  4. Nice. Sounds like she’s getting older and wiser. Hopefully, he is too, although I know personally how you can feed off someone like that. May be time for a reality check. Great story that it has me thinking about it so much!

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