After my “awakening” that spawned Realization #1, I have begun editing the novel I wrote for nanowrimo in 2016, “Riot of Purple Profanity”. For those who were following me then, you might remember that I wrote the novel almost entirely on the blog. Frankly, that was a tough undertaking as I recall, which may be one reason why I never re-read it.

Also, that may be one reason why I never “finished” it on the blog. (Although I noticed that there is an ending in the word file. Sorry about that!) I think I shortly thereafter went into hibernation. 🙂

I’d thought I’d share this news with you all since I’ve been talking so long about just getting a novel done. After I edit this one, I’m sending it off. While I’d love for it to be accepted somewhere, I’m not going to pout if it doesn’t happen. I’ll just write the next one and keep editing this one.

I love to write. Even if all I ever end up doing is sharing with you all that’s not bad, is it? As long as it’s entertaining. You’ll let me know when that stops happening, right?

I was thinking about making my Mouse series into a novel. For those of you who’ve read bits of it–what do you think?

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  1. Two things. YES, make mouse a book she has such a memorable and unique character and I love love that series as you know. My only thought would be that her love interest there, not Joe, but whatever his name is, you need to flesh him out more. Mouse can’t completely overtake him if he they are destined to be, if that’s what you want.

    Second, I haven’t read this ourole series from 2016 or I don’t remember and have. Often the second is true my short term memory is frustrating that way, never used to be. However, the photo you chose above, save that and when you’re deciding on book covers use that in the design or give that to the book cover designer. It’s a fantastic bright and vibrant painting and it really caught my eye and if it is a fair representation of the book/series it would catch my eye immediately in some version of it on the cover. Maybe the colors and the blending, or the outline of a couple with these colors and patterned detail.

    That’s my two cents Sascha, best of luck if you want an extra beta reader for parts of it, either of your stories, let me know, I’d love to help. Cheers

    1. Thanks so much, Mandi. I really appreciate your thoughts. And, wow, yes. If you’d be willing to beta read the novel I’d be very appreciative as I know that you are a reader/writer yourself and I value your opinion.

      1. Yep you bet. I need the practice too. I’m learning so much. There’s a group on FB called Writers World. They are amazing. My friend introduced me to them. You can submit sections of your work around 500 Words or so (wherever it ends off well but isn’t too much more than 500 Words) and many of people’s critiques and comments are so helpful. Sometimes there’s so much to remember in a short story or a novel that extra eyes really help you see what you need to change and what isn’t good advice too. But I suggest that group. They’re great and helping me edit a short story right now about 7500. I need to edit a novel draft after, so I figured learning more through these guys first, would help me that.
        For instance I struggle to stay in present tense and sometimes in telling and not showing by ‘telling’ the reader how to feel , instead of letting them think or surmise from body language or dialogue etc. Vivid images instead of lists. That kind of thing. Novice or much higher experience, there helpful so much!

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