Games People Play



Games People Play

She thinks she’s living a milestone, not understanding he’s into games, love treated with strategy. While she’s kissing, he’s rounding bases. Until he scores.


Sascha Darlington 1/21/2018

3 thoughts on “Games People Play

  1. Yep. You’re talking about baseball. 😜 Games and game games in general are all about comparison and competition and self-esteem I suppose. Wish I could say I don’t play. Maybe I notice a bit more now. As well as your words, great artwork, Sascha–design and colors. 👍

    1. My artwork is all thanks to you.
      Yep. Love baseball. Although that is a football (not your football) field.
      I don’t know. Do most people these days play games? Even the ones who don’t think they’re actively playing games, but come by via learned behavior?

      1. Much as I would love to take credit, I don’t thinks so. 😃 We have so many football codes even fans get confused.

        I agree, they do. In a sense being diplomatic is kind of a game, but there are different levels and intensities. From my experience at work, there are people (yes, alright, men) who always “play to win” and will charge you like a bull, point out all your mistakes at every opportunity. And at the same there are people who are so unassuming that they’ll hesitate to mention you took a wrong turn 20km back and are now heading to Broken Hill rather than the industry meeting downtown. Not that I’ve ever done that.😜

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