Ghosts #dverse

Tuesday at dVerse, we are inspired by art!

Catrin Welz-Stein - German Surrealist Graphic Designer - Tutt'Art@ (24)

Image by artist Catrin Welz-Stein


My dreams haunt the old neighborhood
and dead people
who speak lively.
Old edifices orbit
abandoning me
on dimly-lit, oak-impassioned streets.

You are never there.
You’re alive.
But why am I?

My dog dances, recognizes
my soul aches
for her skip, her nose nudge,
one more hug before secreting
behind the black veil.

I awaken to (k)no(w)
one at 3 am
wet cheeks cold.


2/13/2018 Sascha Darlington



28 thoughts on “Ghosts #dverse

  1. Good description of a powerful dream and waking from it at night. Many of those dreams I forget unless they are closer to dawn. I sometimes wonder what they were.

  2. hmmmmm somehow this is hauntingly sad for me. The last stanza, in my way of responding to your words here, says this person wakes up in tears, from the missing that has been evoked by the dream. Sometimes dreams can be so real in their feelings, even with something odd or misplaced within them (a talking dog)…but the voice is perhaps the important thing and when we wake, we can have those tears on our face, or awaken with shock in our system, or awaken enough to murmur and turn over and fall back asleep — only to arise in the day, go about life, and suddenly stop with a recollection, or a feeling that comes over us about what happened – what we think we remember, from the midst of our night’s sleep.
    I think the mark of a good writer is when the reader reads, pauses, and their mind leaps with a connection and their thinking continues in the vein of how they feel about the words. You’ve certainly done that here for me!

  3. your poem is very haunting, i wake up most nights not remembering the dream or even if i dreamed, just shaking and the tears as you mentioned, just a deep feeling of loss and insecurity like its not even my own bed. very well written

      1. Those dreams and after shocks can be very unsettling. Hope you recover form them within a reasonable amount of time. Thank you for asking, I am ok Sascha, getting through with taking each day as it comes. blessings to you for a good week ahead.

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