Now, a Quadrille

Written for Quadrille #50 at dVerse where the word is: “murmur”.




Words graft to wind

murmuring realities

she’d rather ignore

as she’s done before.

Insistence drives the breeze,

her life’s mosaic a tapestry

of shoulds but didn’ts

reasoned away with frayed

logic, she accepts. Skeletal limbs

sway, knobby wood fingers point

time to be brave.


2/13/2018 Sascha Darlington

12 thoughts on “Now, a Quadrille

  1. “her life’s mosaic a tapestry of shoulds but didn’ts
    reasoned away with frayed logic, she accepts”… You have a lovely way with words!💖

  2. Interesting parallel with the words “frayed logic” and “be brave.” It suggests, to be brave despite this logic, and anyways. Great quadrille 🙂

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