Let’s Talk Blue Jays! (the birds) and When Someone Calls for Help

Disclaimer: Sorry for the quality of the photos. They were taken by my phone (I helped) through a window so as to not frighten the critters.

blue jay 1

As you’ve probably gathered by now, I love feeding the birds and squirrels. This season I’ve been putting out more peanuts so that I can watch the blue jays descend. If you’ve never seen blue jays in action, it’s quite a spectacle.

Their calls seem to alert the other jays that, yes, the woman has finally remembered the peanuts. Squawk!

One after another after another descends, their cries piercing the morning. But they don’t just fly down and take a peanut. No. Each bird will pick one peanut shell up, weighing it in their mouth before deciding on the “perfect” one. This will happen almost each time (unless there’s that woman at the window flicking photos of them, in which case, haste is necessary) until the selection has thinned.

They fly off and then return. I want to know what they’ve done with the peanuts in the meantime. Do they have a storage unit somewhere that’s just filled with peanuts?

Meanwhile, there’s squirrel(s). Yesterday there were seven on my deck. That has raised eyebrows when I’ve told people who reply with how territorial squirrels are. Yes, this I can see. Some are downright feisty, others unpleasant to their brothers and sisters in nuts.


Recently I read an expert list how a squirrel will choose his meal if many things are offered. He listed peanuts and then sunflower seeds and then something else. Well, I have news for the expert. Squirrels are just as picky as people. One will jump over the peanuts to get to the sunflower seeds while another will jump over the sunflower seeds to get to the peanuts. They, too, have brains (although small) and personalities just like any other critter.

Which brings me to the things people do to dissuade squirrels from visiting their feeders.  I’m not venturing too far into the topic because some of these folks are cruel. No other words for it and there seems to be some critters that are protected from abuse and others not.

In the middle of writing this, I heard someone yell for help. I thought it might be a kid playing around, but I checked anyway. My 78 year-old neighbor fell, has probably broken his hip and has a nasty knot on his head. The ambulance is just now taking him to the hospital. Folks, if you hear someone yell for help, please check it out. Someone’s life could depend on you.

Anyway, my blog post is anti-climactic. Don’t grease poles to keep squirrels away as a woman in Minnesota tweeted that she’d done. They can’t get the oil or grease off of their bodies and lose their insulation. It does alleviate your squirrel issue, but with a cost.


Be good.

Sascha Darlington




12 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Blue Jays! (the birds) and When Someone Calls for Help

  1. Your blue jays are different to ours which tend to have pinkish plumage with black and white wings with a blue flash.
    Squirrels were always cheeky in our garden, but Maggie got nipped on the nose by one in the woods when she got just a little too close!

    1. Our robins are different too. They’re quite large. I don’t think I’ve seen one of your blue jays though. Are they all over?
      The squirrels have always been quite smart about running from my dogs. They even run from Scout who just kind of skips toward them.

      1. They are quite common over here, related to the magpies,. Year ago we had to fend one off one of our tit boxes as it was after the tiny chicks inside.

  2. We rarely see true Blue Jays on the Island. We have, instead, Stellars Jays, similar but noisy man they don’t just chatter, they squawk! Ear piercing squawks. Love the pics and that you care about them and the squirrels. We have the tiniest of squirrels and they race along the fence outside the kitchen window. Of course the 3 cats love to chase them, but they are faster than lightning and quickly disappear into the upper branches looking down with genuine smirks at the bewildered cats, too old to climb all the way to the top but who sit and chatter below. Quite an amusing sight to be honest.

  3. We have lots of blue jays at home. And squirrels and chipmunks. We end up feeding them all. A metal wrap round the pole that supports the bird feeder helps and the squirrels and chippies can get what falls on the ground. Good for you going to help your neighbour. Bless you!

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