S’no(w) Dream

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Written for Friday Fictioneers. Thank you, Rochelle!

S’no(w) Dream

Always at the edge of a dream, you appear. Your fingertips caress my cheek, a feathery kiss upon my brow, and a whispered word: “soon.”

You’ve been gone so long I have given you up for dead. Dreams bring you to me, sustenance for the starving.

I awaken after this dream, still feeling your kiss. At this too early hour, I toss, sleep elusive.

A cup of tea calls. I perform the comforting ritual of boiling water, steeping, and then adding milk and sugar. As I stir, my eyes are drawn to the floor near the door where snow melts.

Sascha Darlington





20 thoughts on “S’no(w) Dream

  1. Oh-so-beautiful. I could so relate to the ‘ comforting ritual’ of preparing tea.
    Your story seemed like a beautiful early morning dream, didn’t want it to end.

    1. The tracks are definitely “you” and I have a feeling he sneaks into the house quite frequently to check that she’s okay. This may be the closest he’s gotten to being caught at it. Thanks, Dale!

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