His and Hers #SoCS

Written for SoCS 2/17/2018

His and Hers

His day starts like any other, shower, fix cereal with berries, read the newspaper. Lately they don’t talk. That’s what 20 years will do for you. What is there new to learn?

Her day starts with feeding the dog, fixing his lunch, pouring bird seed into the feeders and then after she’s had one cup of tea and is steeping another, thinking about her breakfast and day. It’s not like she minds. In fact, she desires feeling needed. Is this an intrinsic thing?

She thinks today is the day she’ll write her novel. It’s been percolating in her brain for a while. She sees it all clearly. She knows the words which need to be written and yet when she sits at the computer there are other things that take her away. Do the bills. Play a game. Read emails. Order groceries. “Like” random things on Facebook. Get annoyed by the arrogant and truly oblivious.

By 1 pm she feels depleted. She takes the dog for a walk, looking upward at the shelf cloud pulling towards her. Its grayness ominous and yet she feels nothing but excitement. She wishes it were summer and that the cloud could pull her toward some other frequency, toward an unknown, because what she really needs right now is an unknown that could remove her from this depression.

His day begins, taking him away. Her day ends wishing the day would take away her.

end 2/17/2018

Sascha Darlington

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