Let’s Talk SLEEP (aka how I experimented on my Fitbit)

Sooooooo, here’s something you don’t know about me. I’m obsessed with steps. Now, I’m not talking about stairs, but each and every step I take.  (Doesn’t that put you in mind of The Police, “Every Breath You Take?”)


I’ve used pedometers for a long time after hearing about the benefits of 10,000 steps but a few years back, I fell in love with my Fitbit One. (If you visit the link, absolutely do not buy this! It’s horribly overpriced because it’s been discontinued and the seller is looking for a desperate person to buy it!) The one I purchased didn’t have a sleep tracker on it.

My first Fitbit One did not survive being drenched and momentarily lost during hurricane-associated rains in 2012 (I found it, but it never responded). My second Fitbit One survived a hot tub dunking (oops) and then last month it went into the washer (major oops) from which it didn’t recover.

Now when you’re obsessed with your steps, you quickly feel the loss of your tracker. I soon discovered that the Fitbit One was discontinued and so I got a Fitbit Alta HR that includes a sleep tracker.

The Fitbit Alta HR tracks your sleep patterns by monitoring your heartbeat. To say that this information is illuminating is an understatement. If you had asked me, I might have told you that I was getting around average sleep, which for the most part, would be wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. No wonder I feel tired. Especially now that I know I haven’t been getting enough sleep. 😉

By now, we probably all are conversant about the need for ample sleep and the side effects when you don’t get enough. While there are many side effects (here’s a listing from The Sleep Foundation), some of the biggies can affect your weight and your attitude.

Today I discovered that I got 5.5 hours of sleep (darn Mozart in the Jungle….and the 5 Image result for memes about sleep and youtubesubsequent videos I watched on youtube!) when I believed I got more (I won’t say “thought,” because I didn’t…think that is!) .

The other handy Fitbit Alta HR feature is that it makes sure you get at least 250 steps every hour, by alerting you ten minutes before the hour if you haven’t achieve the goal. For me, in a sedentary job, that feature is wonderful. Except when you’re sleepy. ha.

Starting tonight I’m going to make an honest effort to go to bed earlier sans electronics or Gael García Bernal. I’m certain that I’ll be a happier camper because of it, even if I don’t go camping.

Good night……..er…..afternoon…..

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk SLEEP (aka how I experimented on my Fitbit)

  1. I, too, am sleep-deprived (and I don’t have a fitbit to tell me that), but it has more to do with my current circumstances than staying up past my bedtime (although that happens sometimes. Amazing Race, anyone?) I recently heard (on the radio so you know it’s true) that driving on only 5 hours of sleep is similar to driving drunk. Plus, not enough sleep makes a person look (yikes) old. Sweet dreams!

    1. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before but I sometimes live in the land of the blithely ignorant so I need some things spelled out for me or otherwise I presume. oops.
      I hope your situation improves.

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