Winter’s Bleeding Me

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Winter’s Bleeding Me

“She needs a doctor, you stupid ox.”


Brian’s head jerks as if I landed a blow. “I’ll fix it.”

I don’t wait. I board a bus, murmuring comfort in Kitty’s ear. Her eyes, like Brian’s, green as his Irish meadows, gaze at me.

Empty-armed, I wait, worries churn, despite relief as the nurse assures me Kitty is in good hands. How will we pay?

When the door opens, I glance over. Face bloodied, left eye swollen, Brian grins while holding up a wad of cash. I hug him, smiling.

“Excuse me,” the doctor says.

And then my smile dies.


end (100 words)

Sascha Darlington 2/28/2018

33 thoughts on “Winter’s Bleeding Me

  1. It’s a tough call. I always prefer a happy ending, but as stories go, I liked the flow of the sad version a tad better. Both were excellent stories though!

  2. You took me by surprise with the sad ending. It’s a good story; it drew me in so I cared about Kitty, and I was glad Brian had raised the money for her medical expenses. Well written, Sascha

  3. Such a beautifully written story, Sascha.
    I loved your description of their eyes, made me even more sad after reading the last line.
    I also loved the warm relationship between Brian and the narrator.

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