Dog Seasons #100WW

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Dog Seasons

On our first April trail-walk, Kasey was ten weeks, and frenetic bounding would have him dropping at my feet, needing to be toted.

We began hiking in summers on the same, though ever-changing trail. At night, Kasey would snuggle close between me and my boyfriend, his ears twitching with night’s sounds.

Last year Kasey turned fifteen, my boyfriend said “Sayonara,” and started a new, seemingly younger, life.

This October Kasey and I attempt the trail. He hears my ragged cough, waits, his face aged white. On a rocky precipice, we pause and our eyes follow as Canada geese arrow south.


end 3/1/2018

Sascha Darlington

This was written as a tribute to my own Kasey who left me on 12/15/12.

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9 thoughts on “Dog Seasons #100WW

  1. Beautifully written. Loved both photos. The special ones, and lets face it, our pets are special to us, remain with us forever! Mine do and I recall them with delight.

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