News Update 3/1/2018



Welcome again to the microcosm!

Next month (April 16!) I will have been blogging for two years. (Amazing! I never thought I’d make it past two weeks!) As such, I’ve decided to evaluate what I feel is and isn’t working on my blog and why, sometimes lately, it has felt like more hard work than it used to.

When I started out, as you probably know, this was primarily intended to be a book blog with a few side ventures. In that spirit, I threw myself into the book blogging world by doing promotions, book tours, and reviewing and doing all of these as much and as often I could.

Hopefully I’ve brought your attention to some new books you may not have otherwise seen and helped some authors along the way.

Starting in the next few weeks, however, you’ll see fewer promotions and book tours on my blog. Why? you may ask. I’m cutting back for several reasons, but first and foremost is the amount of time it takes me to get these posts ready. I’ve decided to take that time back.

In the next few weeks as I approach my blogiversary, I will continue to evaluate what this blog has become versus what I hoped it would be versus what it will be.

I am always interested in your opinions. Don’t hold back 🙂

∼Thank you!∼

And thank you! Without you, this blog wouldn’t be. I so appreciate your reading!


Stay safe and well!

Sincerely, Sascha and Scout, the Faithful Companion





13 thoughts on “News Update 3/1/2018

  1. Two years passes quickly, doesn’t it? I’m thrilled you’re here. I love what you write, and I love your take on upcoming releases and books you’ve read. I value your opinion and I don’t say that lightly. Rest assured, I will constantly look in on you and see what’s what. Is there a ‘mouse’ in the house? All the best to Scout too, cause he’s a sweety.

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    • Thanks, Phyllis. Yes. I remember the trepidation of just starting the blog. But this has always been a great community of people so it was far easier and friendlier than I anticipated.
      And, I value your opinion as well. Please don’t hesitate to give one here! 🙂


      • It was a line in the Raiders of the Lost Ark, I think. They are trying to find the Holy Grail…and when they get there, one man decides he knows best and drinks from the wrong cup and shrivels up and dies. Sean Connery says “He choose poorly!” The main character choose differently and says, “He chose wisely!” lol


  2. Ive been blogging six years now, I think it’s a constant evaluation of what should and should be on a particular blog. Blogs evolve and so must writers, but I like that having your blog is always there to Participate and build other writing projects from. Good luck evaluating, Sachs 🙂

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