The US east coast has been the recipient of another bomb cyclone. While this one hasn’t brought snow to the microcosm, it has brought winds…lots and lots of winds, probably the strongest I can ever remember here with gusts of 60-70 mph (70 is hurricane strength!). Trees are down, roofs are being uninvented, and the power is capricious. With each blip in the power, an assortment of beeps resound through the house, which sends Scout upstairs to his bed, where it must be safe.

The Capital Weather Gang said that between 5 and 6 pm the winds would start dying down. Umm. I could swear they’ve picked up in the ten minutes since I’ve read that. 😲

The wind is so fierce that it’s blown bark from the trees. Amazing.

Amidst it all, I looked out at my cherry tree and saw a flock of unfamiliar birds.


These are cedar waxwings, which I’ve never seen before. They’re very cool with a patch of yellow on their tails and  black masks. Unfortunately by the time I exchanged my normal lens for a telephoto, they were gone. Who could blame them in this wind?

For the mo, I will leave you with a windy song.


15 thoughts on “Windy!

    1. Yes, I’m hoping that the power does’t go out. For many people it has with trees going down on power lines. We’re usually lucky here (knock on wood) because most of the lines are underground.
      A fire later sounds like a good idea! 🙂

      1. We get 90 to 120 mph winds and batten down the hatches. Now that I’ve moved, we’ve so far (knock on wood) topped out at 90. The winds don’t get as high here but we get amazing storms, thunder and lightening. Love that name, Scout. Great name for a pooch. Hope he’s “weathering” the storm ok. Bothers dogs more than cats. They tend to sleep throughout at least mine does, lol.

      2. I have been to Victoria and loved it. Actually every where I’ve been in Canada I’ve loved, but I could imagine living in Victoria. We did take the ferry from Nanaimo to Vancouver, but that’s as far north as we went and we didn’t really get to see much.

      3. I love Victoria. We used to live in Nanaimo 30 years ago when my kids were born (here) and we visited Victoria constantly. My daughter works on the Ferry and Nanaimo to Vancouver is her run. I love Van Isle. It’s beautiful.

      4. It is. It has everything mentioned in my writings and more. Depends on what your looking for. The North End of the Island is isolated and the schools aren’t great but as far as things to do, there’s a huge variety from whale watching to eco tours to camping swimming climbing. It’s not great if your older and your health isn’t good. Mid Island is better in those regards and there are more activities as in more dance more hockey, horseback riding for kids and lots of activities if your older as well. I love it in Nanaimo. There’s shopping opportunities and grocery prices are better, more competition. You pay $3.00 more per item on the NOrth End of the Island. Victoria is packed with activities but it’s outrageously expensive to live there. It’s spectacularly beautiful with so much untouched area to explore. 30 years ago, people started living here and commuting to Vancouver for work as it was so much cheaper and they did a lot of work on the 2 hour ferry trip over and back.

      1. She seems content as she lies here by the rad on her cushion. She doesn’t likes beeps she can’t identify and last year we had terrible trouble as we had an intermittent one we couldn’t find which disturbed her at night. Luckily a friend came to our aid and had her overnight for us until we sold the boat.

      2. It’s funny how some are like that. My other dogs would get bothered if the smoke detector batteries needed changing, but that’s a particularly high beep. Other beeps didn’t bother them. Scout dislikes them all.

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