Board of Fate #amwriting

Thank you to Alistair for Sunday Photo Fiction. I am mostly always hitting the deadline. 🙁

25 Mike Vore February 25th 2018

Board of Fate

I slap at mosquitoes. Chad’s eyes dart around. Earlier when I wondered why someone would wear a windbreaker on a sultry day, I noticed the bulge.

I know this boardwalk.

A cottonmouth, fat and lethargic, oozes soundlessly into the swamp.

Chad stops, shakes his head. “I gave you everything.”


“I shared my soul. I let you in.”

“I didn’t realize,” I begin.

“You’re like all the others.”

I have a “holy crap” moment. Others. What would the authorities find if they dredged the inlet?

“Give me a chance to make it better,” I say.

“Do you think you’re the first to beg for your life?”

“I’ve known you forever. Doesn’t that count for something?”

“Move.” He grins. “You’re going to meet Myrtle.”


“Thanks to me this little piece of Virginia swamp is now the northernmost point for the American alligator. Myrtle is the queen.”

So much for dredging bodies.

At the inlet I see several pairs of eyes in the water.

Chad pulls out his gun. “I’d say sorry, but I’m not.”

“Me neither.” I jump hard on the board of fate as I named it twenty years ago. As he falls into the water, his queen attacks.


end 3/3/2018

Sascha Darlington







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  1. Seriously how could this guy do this to her? Glad He got was coming to him for betraying a life long friend and all those other girls. At least we know he was the problem in the relationships. Good one!

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