Hyacinth Under Ice

written for dVerse No Ke Me, Tree Buds

I believe that haibuns are supposed to be a bit more personal. When I first learned about them, I was told they were travel journals, but now many that I read take on all kinds of subjects. So, here goes. Thanks for reading!

Hyacinth Under Ice

Mother Nature is angry and trying to catch our attention; if only in our utter, self-indulgence, she could. One winter week it’s sultry followed by a 60 degree plunge and snow and ice and sleet. Then there’s a bombogenesis along the Atlantic Coast that’s so ferocious it sends high waves to the Caribbean, branches break, trees tumble. Bitter cold and snow settle over Europe. Burning heat waves in the Southern Hemisphere. Drought. Fire. Earthquakes. Typhoons. There’s more to come. She has a menu of items. Does she have your attention yet?

“Enough,” Mother Nature declares. “I am saying—‘no.’ No to each one of you who wants to ravage me and disrespect me and take me for granted and leave nothing of me. This is my #metoo with consequences.”

confused hyacinth

budding pink in early March

silently snow falls










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