To Understand


Written for dVerse, Threads of Feelings

To Understand

Certain days breed “what-if” thoughts

Gray, cold days locked inside, (k)not days

hot blood pumping days, no hiding the phrase

what if

Off-handed mention of sultry saxophone, you remembered,

made a birthday mix-tape, gypsy music

pisces, both of us

adhering to romance, fantasy, happily dream-dwelling.

You understood me, sometimes, mostly, but

you weren’t my soul my heart my love.


Some twenty years later, your passion, who fought the good fight

against a cruel, horrid enemy, passed. I did think of you, single parent

grieving children, grieving you, hoping you strength but filed away thoughts.

Yet today, thinking of love tokens, the mix tape came to mind. From you.

Not my passion, but someone who reached inside to understand.

How seldom that is, you know, someone cares enough to understand.



Sascha Darlington 3/7/2018

8 thoughts on “To Understand

  1. Oh, I remember mix tapes. They were such a massive symbol of whatever relationship it was. I remember a break up one that made me sob. Those last two lines are beautiful. There’s something about some relationships that don’t work, but still mean something very special. I really loved this piece.

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