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First off, I am so late for this prompt that while I’ll try to read most of the entries, I can’t make guarantees. However, if you read mine, I’ll most definitely read yours and comment–promise, and thanks. 🙂

As always, I send out thanks to our Lady in Purple, Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers.

For you romantics, I’ve gone a bit softer this week. Woohoo!


So childish, and, at thirty, she was certainly no child, but she hid behind the privet anyway. Chill seeped through her silk gown. Her mother’s imagined admonishing words raged: “Stains! On silk?”

She bowed her face to her knees.

“Some things never change,” he said, warm brandy-eyes smiling.

“So true.” She also smiled.

“Your dress will be ruined.”

“I’m aware.”

He slid down next to her. His warmth invaded, welcome.

“We’ve got to stop meeting like this.”

“It’s been three years.”

“Exactly. Warranting the next step.”



“Perhaps.” Joy.



His lips teased her temple. “Mine.”


end Sascha Darlington 3/12/2018

13 thoughts on “Mine #amwriting

  1. I am wondering what other words she might have summoned in her mind, while impatiently waiting for him to complete the sentence.
    This was so beautiful, so delicate, so ‘whole’.

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