Walk Like an Egyptian #amwriting

Thank you to Alistair for providing the prompts for Sunday Photo Fiction!

I tried very hard to write something neither dark nor deadly nor serious. However, you got a love story. Ta da! Ya win some, ya lose some. Your interpretation is up to you. 😀

225 03 March 18th 2018


Walk Like an Egyptian

I have become the source of ridicule over one trait: my life revolves around song lyrics. If someone says three words, I will sing a song incorporating those words. When my microwave beeps, I sing “Knock Three Times.”

Mondays are trippy. Sometimes they’re manic. Sometimes they’re the Mamas and the Papas.

Today it’s raining, and I walk into the office. Rachel says, “Hey Clare, rainy days and Mondays.”

Matt smiles. I blush because Matt’s smiles are the stuff of magic–that old black magic has me in its spell.

I log into my computer while glancing at Matt, my unrequited crush.

“I’ve got a crush on you, sweetie pie.”


Matt’s voice. I jostle my folder; papers sway away like leaves. My cheeks are fiercely red.


“Bryce wants ideas about mummies.”


He shrugs. “He thinks they relate to zombies.”

Because it’s me, and I can’t help myself, my palms dart outwards, and I “walk like an Egyptian” while singing.

Matt’s expression charms me. I think I see nothing but tenderness there.

I want to tell Matt how I feel. But he’s cool, and I’m song-lyric girl.

Matt grabs my hand and croons: “come away with me.”

And I am lost.


end Sascha Darlington 3/20/2018



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  1. Alice sounds like she livens the office up. This was a story that made me smile, great.

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