Guitar God

I actually wrote this for the Carrot Ranch challenge in time, but didn’t edit or submit it in time. Things happen. 🙂

Let me know what you think. Sascha xoxo

Guitar God

I’ve worshiped at the altar of John forever, even named my Fender Stratocaster for him.

The nails on my right hand are longer than the nubs on my left. “So weird,” men say, raising my hands to compare. They don’t understand you need nails to pluck and nubs to pin strings.

I live, breathe guitar. Acoustic. Wailing. Staccato fingering. Mine. In dreams, my fingers sex strings.

At the festival, god John is a discreet onlooker.

Onstage, I leave this world, strumming, plucking emotions, making love to nickel.

I emerge. God John appears, respect in his eyes. I am subsumed.



Sascha Darlington 3/28/2018




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