Stasis #amwriting

You could say that I’ve learned my lesson. Just post. Don’t pause.


Today I knitted hats.

Three while bingeing on Netflix.

Seven shows, bulky yarn, and Hallmark informing me of life choices.

I’ll do scarves next. Scarves for soldiers and orphans and homeless.

I am contributing; I am useful.

While casting on for the fourth scarf, Danielle appears. Her brown eyes are so soulfully his that I look away.

She seizes my knitting, gently puts it aside so stitches don’t fall from the needles.

“We all loved him.”

I immediately hate: “loved.” Tears well.

She grabs my hands between her own and kisses my knuckles. “He’d want you to go on.”


Sascha Darlington 3/30/2018

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