Burlington, VT #amwriting

Burlington, VT

She found love: blue eyes, British accent, funny, a buttery brown leather jacket she snuggled against when kisses left her breathless. Sean. But his destiny claimed a smoking (literally) platinum blonde.

She discovered “Dog” in Burlington and envisioned love.

Instead, she fell in love with Spring and Summer Burlington. She loved the watercolor landscape of sunsets on Lake Champlain, the easy-going laughter at the pub.

Driving, she heard Carly Simon’s anthem, “Let the Rivers Run,” her inspiration. She should move, renew life in Burlington. Green hills. Country. Hers.


“Dark winters. Lots of snow,” her friend, Andy, said.

“You won’t like it,” Sean said.

She applied for jobs. Returned for an interview. A week before her second interview, she hiked with Sean and wrenched her ankle.


Years later, with Sean, she considered the path not taken.

On sunny days, happiness sung in her heart. On rainy days, a phantom reached within, removed her soul, leaving her in heavy darkness and wondering: What if?

So many years later, at dinner, gray mottling hair, both tired, disgruntled, he, nevertheless invoked charm.

She loved.

The effort.

His understanding.

This path was hers.

All was right.

In the end, her heart was (w)on(e).



end 4/2/2018

Sascha Darlington

10 thoughts on “Burlington, VT #amwriting

  1. Well done, Sasha. It’s fascinating how the twists and turns of fate affect our lives and where we end up.
    I am doing “Letters to Dead Artists” as my theme for the A-Z Challenge this year.
    Best wishes,

  2. I like this story. How the MC seeks a fairy tale love and life and reality get in the way. In the end, none of us really get the fairy tale (even Prince Charming has to wash his smalls!) but if we can enjoy the path we chose, no matter how imperfect, we can’t complain.

  3. What a lovely introspective piece. It happens all too often. What if can drive you crazy! Happiness is where you find it, when you find it, it’s so illusive.

    1. Yes, and I could see writing the same thing from a different point of view and changing it all around. It’s fun.

      Yes, I like Vermont too. I don’t think I could spend more than a few days in the winter though. 🙂

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