Happy Day #amwriting

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Happy Day

Today is dad’s 50th birthday. Mother cooks food to feed 100, invites not nearly that many, and pours alcohol like it’s flowing free from faucets.

Faces redden. Different sects of drinkers break out: happy, morose, belligerent. This is why I stopped drinking.

Uncle Ned pours another hefty Scotch. I raise an eyebrow. He notices. “Don’t comment you little holier-than-thou snot.”

“Now, Ned,” Mother says. She’s the only one able to stop his truculence.

Aunt Lil sobs.

June sings, “Joy to the World.”

Head pounding, I can only wish some big claw would extricate me from this moment, sometimes even this family.



Sascha Darlington 4/16/2018







30 thoughts on “Happy Day #amwriting

  1. This was great, Sascha! I loved the description of my mother’s aunts and uncles… oh? You were not at one of our gatherings? My bad… 😉

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