Fate Strikes Again

but this time it’s a good thing.

Last night I was desperately (that in itself was probably part of the problem) trying to ketchup with the A to Z challenge, get my Friday Fictioneers story done, because I hate to miss that one, and maybe get some poetry written.

I finished “O” sometime around 2:30 am and tried to publish. My computer froze. Chrome wouldn’t breathe. Word wouldn’t word. I watched little circles of active inactivity swirl. I fretted.


Well, today I reread what I wrote and am glad that Fate interceded. The story was boring, too long, and demonstrated that a writer probably shouldn’t write when she’s too tired.

You and me, Fate. I think we will come to a reasonable understanding yet, and I appreciate what you did to save me from dousing the readers with boring.

Carry on!

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