P is for Peter Pan Park #atozchallenge #amwriting

Please note that there are several Peter Pan Park throughout the world. This is none of them. 🙂

Have You Met Me?

Two brothers at Peter Pan Park, a vignette

“I’ve got to figure out my life.”

“You do realize you’re almost 40 with a wife and two kids?”

“Man, do I. But I’ve got to find myself.”

“The five jobs in the past ten years weren’t about finding yourself?”

“No, man. I can’t work where there’s bad vibes. It makes me drink too much—”

“And you don’t go to work, and you get yourself unemployed.”

“That’s right. Man, I might go back to school. Find my purpose.”

“Uh, you have a wife and kids.”

“Michelle totally supports me. Why do you look pissed, man? What’s really bothering you? Is it me? You think I should work at sucky jobs and be unhappy, like you? Because, what? You’ve got that big house and go on fancy vacations and shit like that?”

“Really? The difference between you and me is simple. If something happened to me and I couldn’t work for a while, my life would not fall apart. Kate and the kids have security. I don’t mind my job. It’s a means to provide a good life for me and my family. Your problem is you lack discipline. Always have. Can’t stick with anything because you get bored.”

“You never got over Mom and Dad loving me best.”

“Okay. Regression time. Say hello to Michelle and the kids for me.”

“Figures you’d leave now.”

“Somebody’s got to be the adult.”



Sascha Darlington 4/18/2018

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