Parallel Universe

This should probably have been reserved for a Music Monday post but when I saw “parallel” the song started echoing in my head, which doesn’t take much effort because I’ve been revisiting the best of the Red Hot Chili Peppers lately.

This is from their remarkable concert at Slane Castle, which may be some of the best Chili Peppers music ever. Their album recordings never even come close to some of this music with the spellbinding guitar work.

If you watch and listen, one of my favorite parts is how John Frusciante (who is just incredible throughout this concert) and Flea play lead and bass parallel, which may be intentional to coincide with the title.  (Or else that’s the symbolizing English major in me 😉 ) Watch their picking, their head bobs, two guys just so in tune with the music. The introduction is different (not a fan of Kiedis here who sounds a bit like an ******), stick around after that to hear this parallel picking. It’s amazing.

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