The Cosmos Is Blooming! #napowrimo #dverse #amwriting

This is for dVerse and ekphrastic poetry, but also for napowrimo, where I am making a small attempt at ketchuping. (Yes, my newly invented word 😉 .)

Please do check out Fay Collins’ art. The link is under the picture of these ethereal cosmos.

The Cosmos Is Blooming!

He guffaws when I say

“the cosmos are blooming”

his science-heart filled with astrophysics

quantum mechanics and other words

equally unintelligible to me.

What does he think I mean?

My eyes feast on the purple and pink

hued flowers, softly swaying

in summer’s teasing breeze.

Fern-like leaves framing joyous visages

the flower petals silky soft between indelicate fingers

The cosmos is blooming. Summer finally arrives,

while he looks upward, expectantly.



Sascha Darlington 4/19/2018


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