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Despite the fact that quite a bit of the day was overcast, I felt like spring might finally be here. The flowers and trees and birds are doing their best to support this philosophy. The cowbirds and catbirds have returned. It was so nice yesterday to step outside as evening was falling and hear the catbirds.

If you’ve never listened to a catbird (or think you never have), they sound a lot like a mockingbird with a variety of calls, but there’s a certain chatter about it, which gives them their name. If you want to give a listen or learn more click here for a page about catbirds.

I know a lot of you north of here got snow late last week. Hopefully all of you will get a burst of spring soon enough.


Hawthorne blooms

This weekend I participated in the 24-hour short story contest from Writers Weekly. I haven’t partaken/partook(?) in the contest for several years, but thought maybe after doing all of the prompts, this might not be so tough. Right? Wrong! The prompt was a paragraph long and by the end of it, all I could think was: ugh. A picture or a few words lets your creativity emerge. A paragraph felt like it squelched my imagination. Well, I wrote something and submitted it. In six weeks, they’re supposed to announce the winners and honorable mentions. I’ll post the story here at that time.

There’s just about another week of the A to Z challenge. I think I’m going to be pretty happy when it’s done. I enjoyed it more last year. I think I’ve been out-of-sync so much lately, which may call for re-organization. If anyone has good advice on how to do that, feel free to let me know. Right about now I could use all of the help I can get! 🙂

Hopefully you’ve been able to get out and enjoy Planet Earth today. If you did something special, I’d love to hear about it or direct me to your post if you’ve written one.

The Lyrid meteor shower is supposed to be reaching peak so if you have cloudless skies, look up!

Have a good week. I hope to be around to visit your all.

Thanks for stopping in!

Sascha and Scout the Faithful Companion



15 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day! #weekendcoffeeshare

  1. Love a good meteor shower. Thanks for the notice. Happy earth day! I’ve been watering the earth today and yesterday, trees and roses. Now if we could have a RAIN shower. 😉

  2. The buds look beautiful. We are still waiting. Almost May, and we’re still waiting, but on the plus side the sky is bright, the snow has stopped (knock on wood). I think on earth day you’re supposed to turn off the lights and TV, that kind of thing for an hour. I didn’t know when, so I did for a few hours last night. I’ve been reading some interesting posts about what is better for our planet. So, whenever possible I’ve decided to carry a water bottle with me as so many end up in the ocean. I do t know who dumps them there, as they can be recycled. But, I found a lovely hot pink Swell bottle on clearance and they are wonderful as they keep your water very cold all day. They also don’t leak inside your purse as long as the lids done up tight. I even take it to bed as too often, on my bedside table, which is small, I’ve knocked over my water onto books or blankets. I hate that. Lol.

    My second thing I’m considering is on the beauty end, going back to old-fashioned safety razors when I’m done using the blades for my current one. I’ve researched it a bit, it’s initially more expensive, but it pretty much lasts forever. The blades can be replaced once a year for like $10.00 and unlike regular say Venus razors, the blades are recycle. So looking into that. Like everyone uses these razors but the combination of plastic and metal means they can’t be recycled and dont break down. I think a beauty company called oui or oue, something like that has them so I have to check that out.

    I love your A to Z, different each day. I’m going to go catch up, all the best and snuggles for Scout.

    1. Yes! I really need to get a water bottle to carry with me. A reusable one is good for you and for the planet. I was amazed by the plastic garbage pile in the ocean. How extremely awful! I wish more people were so apathetic with their recycling and where they toss their trash.
      I like the idea of old fashioned razors. I’m afraid we’ve gotten so caught up in quick and consummable and toss away. What a good idea, Mandi!
      I hope you get some good weather soon. It’s so good for the psyche!
      And, thanks. on the A to Z. 7 more posts. 🙂

      1. Haha, I know about that. I did OctPoWriMo too, that was a mistake. It took me a month longer to finish the prompts and I was so sick of just writing poetry by that point lol.

      2. I’m afraid of getting to that burn-out stage of just hating writing because lately I’ve been *tired.* I don’t want to get to that point. (But I also don’t want to stop writing because I think all of the practice may be making me a better writing.) Is this a Catch-22? 🙂

      3. Yes, but I totally know what you mean. Is there a kind of writing that you could leave for a while, to give yourself a break? Or could you ensure you spend a couple days in the week spending an afternoon or evening doing something entirely different? I’d decide what kind of writing your sick of, sometimes a break is the best thing. Cheers

      4. Yeah I’ll let you know about the razors if it turns out to be a good thing and affordable. I read about it in a fashion magazine and online on a few beauty and environmental sites as well. I’m a bit afraid of cutting mystery but I guess overall it’s a better shave, no razor burn or bumps. I think I actually saw a FB video on it too, probably posted that 🙂

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