High Flying Adored #amwriting

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High Flying Adored

Granddad’s bucket list is going to kill me. But a promise is a promise. Personally, I think he’s also trying to cure my fear of heights brought on by his brother because he feels guilty about leaving me with him that day.

Last week we did skydiving. I think. I squeezed my eyes tight, felt my ears pop, all the while tightly tethered to a professional who knew when to open the chute. I did open my eyes just in time to get my legs under me for the landing. A win.

This week it’s air balloons in the Blue Ridge. I think this will be easier. I just have to stand there, right? And not look down.

But life isn’t fair, is it? The guy checking on the balloon is Jace, my ex-, the only man I’ve ever loved. A quick glance at Granddad, who averts his eyes and begins whistling Led Zeppelin’s “Over the Hills and Far Away,” tells me this is not an accident.

I guess it’s not only my fear of heights he’s trying to cure.

end 5/11/2018 (180 words)

Sascha Darlington


12 thoughts on “High Flying Adored #amwriting

  1. Enjoyed this one, Sascha. Don’t know why, but a variation on your “alligator solution” popped into my head. Granddad might learn something. 😄

    1. lol
      You want to “alligator” dear old Granddad? Steve! Why? He’s taking his granddaughter to new heights, literally, and try to match her up with her ex. Does he deserve the “alligator?” 😉

      1. Let’s see. Grandad has good intentions, but does he know what’s really going on? And what about the road that leads to hell (or alligators), Sascha? What’s it paved with again? 😄

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