The Ratio of Ignorance to Bliss #amwriting

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I hope to be a bit more on time in the future.


The Ratio of Ignorance to Bliss

Laws were disregarded, others set in place. No one was paying attention. People were busy living their lives. Only later, too late to halt the tide of megalomaniac corruption, did they point fingers. The last wave came in the morning as fog besieged the city.

Pounding on a nearby door woke Lila. She looked out the peephole as soldiers dragged her neighbors away.

Soldiers herded people onto dozens of waiting buses. She reached for Sparky as knuckles rapped on her door.

“Leave the dog.”


“Someone will see to him.”


Consciousness returned in dim light in a cold cage.


end 5/15/2018

Sascha Darlington


15 thoughts on “The Ratio of Ignorance to Bliss #amwriting

    1. I don’t think things bode well for Sparky in this environment, but I couldn’t bring myself to be explicit because personally I hate those stories.

      Thanks, Susan.

      1. Thanks. After watching an episode I was out walking the dog and thought how it could be possible in this society where so many people are just hoping things will blow over, while you have a small group who claims there will be revolution if the pres is impeached. Anything is possible you think sometimes.

  1. Very chilling and far too close to reality for comfort. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the neighbours were more concerned about Sparky than Lila. Great writing.

  2. I’m expecting the dog will save the dark day, Sascha, like Skippy the kangaroo. 🐶 Speaking of dark, I gave up hoping to be on time long ago. I now aim to meet obligations before the heat death of the universe.

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