Holes #amwriting

I’m back to Friday Fictioneers! I’ve missed it! Thank you to Rochelle, as always.

PS I am still on vacation for another couple of days and will be back in totality (or whatever) on Sunday or Monday. Thanks for sticking around.



The war damaged Uncle Randolph.

The first morning he returned to the family farm he started digging holes.

Grandma Higgins said, “The war made him a dog.”

Grandpa Higgins said, “He’s digging to China.”

Uncle Pierce said, “He’s looking for treasure.”

We all agreed that was the best answer, and so we took turns planting treasure boxes in the earth. When he opened the box I planted, his knees fell to the dirt, and he began to cry.

I crept close. “Uncle Randolph?”

His finger traced the profile of a pretty redhead in a prom dress. “Should’ve gone to Canada.”



6/1/2018 Sascha Darlington





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  1. I had a different take on this. I thought it was humorous and hopeful. If Uncle Randolph has the wherewithal to know he should’ve gone to Canada (Go Canucks!) then he’s still among us and may eventually get out of HIS hole.

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  2. I interpret this as him saying he should have become a “draft dodger”. I am currently writing an extended story involving a boy who ends up in London but from my research I have found most went to Canada. Excellent story, very subtle.


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