Jealousy #amwriting

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That summer I heard my first bobwhite. “I love that call,” I said.

We sat on a boulder, our feet dangling into the trickling creek.

You tried to kiss me, but I pushed you away. Your face flushed, and you clenched my wrist in an iron-hold, twisting so it burned.

“Don’t ever push me.”

“I’m with Bobby,” I said, yanking my hand free and then tried to sooth my wrist in the cold water.

You stomped away, your footsteps crunching on old leaves.

In the morning when I left the cabin, a bloodied bobwhite lay silently on the wood porch.



Sascha Darlington 6/19/2018

19 thoughts on “Jealousy #amwriting

  1. Great writing, it gives me goose pimples. And the use of bobwhite and Bobby the boyfriend makes it a lot more frightening because the bird is a symbol for what could happen to the boy.

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