Solstice Song


©Sascha Darlington

for dVerse

Solstice Song

The clouds lumber in and out

blocking the sun as if in doubt

of whether summer solstice should be bright

or cloudy, a reminder we’ll be losing light.

The birdsong surrounds me now;

a cardinal perches on a bough

the tweets remind me to be present

appreciate the moments before dark cold’s descent.



Sascha Darlington 6/21/2018






25 thoughts on “Solstice Song

  1. Good observation. A rainy solstice may be appropriate reminding us that days will be getting shorter. Birds remind me to be present as well. Their sounds or flights make me stop thinking and pay attention to them and then I realize that is what I should be paying attention to.

  2. Doubtful clouds and ‘a reminder we’ll be losing light’ – thank goodness for the cardinal! A lovely solstice song in couplets, Sascha.

  3. Throw in the bird songs and you got me. Luv the part played by the Cardinal in your scenario

    Thanks for dropping by to read mine Sacha


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