Starting Over #amwriting


This is written for the Carrot Ranch Prompt: not all is lost.

Starting Over

At 11, her daddy died, taking away the sunshine.

At 15, she destroyed her knee and her chances for a sports scholarship.

At 37, she watched her husband, who didn’t want children, leave for his pregnant, much younger assistant.

Eight years later, as muddy waters careen around the sides of her house and her bedraggled pup is tethered to her, she yells at the sky: “What the fuck do you want from me?”

“To save you to start with,” the Coastie says.

The sun peeks out. Harbinger of hope. Maybe all’s not lost.

She’s very good at starting over.


Sascha Darlington 6/22/2018


8 thoughts on “Starting Over #amwriting

  1. I enjoy the tragic, Sascha, even with a sprinkling of hope. Up above the Coastie, another voice is whispering “Life is alligators, with the occasional glass of Pinot, and maybe sugar-free chocolate, but definitely no cigarettes.”

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