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Written for Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the topic is, of course, Bugs.

Bugs. They were something you dealt with in the summer. They were everywhere. And it didn’t matter. You got on with your life.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about bugs, mainly because I haven’t been seeing as many in my yard as I’m used to. Am I more alert? Or has the fact that my neighbors have been spraying their yards made me hyper-conscious? I don’t know.

What I do know is that there used to be a lot of ladybugs around. Today was the first time I’ve seen one since, well, I have no idea. A very long time. It was clinging to my window blind, probably well aware that it would be pesticide-bait outside.

Oh, did that sound catty? It probably is. I don’t understand the need for suburban Americans to hire a company to spray their yards for insects. They believe that the company is going to kill ants and mosquitoes. Just ants and mosquitoes. Why? Because that’s what the sales representative said they would kill. Did it occur to them to ask if bees or other beneficial insects would be killed? I don’t know. The answer I received when I asked that question was: We don’t intend to kill other insects.

Well, we all know about the road to hell and intentions.

And, maybe that’s the bit that has me worried. But why aren’t these suburban adults who have children who will need food in the future that depends on insects who can pollinate—why aren’t they worried?

I am left with the fact that human beings do so many things without considering the consequences. We are constantly cleaning up the messes of those who have gone before, who thought they were doing the right thing, but didn’t give it due consideration. Our children will be doing that as will their children, unless at some point human beings wise up. We can but hope.

2 thoughts on “Bugs #SoCS

  1. Beautiful. I go through something similar every year with weeds. One of the neighbors will suggest spraying the weeds with some kind of poison. I’m not spraying poison where the dogs go. Of course, there are poisons that are pet safe. Safe poison sounds like an oxymoron somebody’s selling to morons. The bottom line is, I’m not spraying poison in my yard, where it can seep into the ground, regardless of what it’s supposed to kill.

    Big Yellow Taxi is a nice touch at the end. I love Joni Mitchell and that’s one of the all-time great songs.

    1. I agree with you. My neighbors have dogs and children, which just leaves me shaking my head. Ah, well.
      I think Joni nailed it all in that song. We don’t appreciate things until they’re no longer there. With insects, I’m afraid it will be a lesson in not just “appreciation.”

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