Spatial Oddity, A Haibun? #dVerse

Tonight on dVerse, Jilly is asking us to go avant garde with our haibun. And, I’m going Bowie-ish, because, well, if he is not a definite source of avant garde, I don’t know who is. It’s all unconventional, and that’s where I’m currently at.

This image has been deep dream generated by Sascha Darlington.

Spatial Oddity, A haibun?

This journey is red. All manifestations of fire red. My brain’s afire with anger. Frustration licks at the center’s core. I am the bleeding heart, refusing to add a political construct because there’s no intelligent life out there, on either drastic, irrational side.

Calling outward for intelligent life. Do you hear me? Do you want me? I’m good to go.


Sascha Darlington

to ground control, Bowie

man, are you out there?


end 6/25/2018

Sascha Darlington



37 thoughts on “Spatial Oddity, A Haibun? #dVerse

  1. Avante-garde at its finest! Bowie is the season of your brain; can’t be topped for creativity! Keep preaching this: “on either drastic, irrational side.” This is edgy and vivid.

  2. There’s a starman waiting in the sky
    He’d like to come and meet us
    But he thinks he’d blow our minds
    There’s a starman waiting in the sky
    He’s told us not to blow it
    Cause he knows it’s all worthwhile

    Oh, you are so on track with this haibun! I wish it was only “either” side, but the lunatic fringe is everyone (“We have met the enemy and he is us.” ― Walt Kelly). And it extends past the big blue wet thing in either direction!

    You’re on the same wavelength with me. I didn’t have the imagination to go with Bowie. I bow!

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