The Opposite of Love #amwriting

for dVerse, where we are to write about opposites.

Deep Dream Generated by Sascha Darlington

The Opposite of Love

Relationships swing

like pendulums

with roles reversing

love to hate to love

to something else again

and maybe not all are like this.

Maybe some are steadfast

knowing, confident, linear


I hear they exist

pure love

untainted love

but I’ve never seen it.


My parents weren’t loving

to each other, unless love

masked under fury, meanness.

The camouflage uncovered

years later explained heartache.


And us. I was stupid, you were a Rockstar

I thought you were smarter, better, stronger

I thought you were all I could never be

until I was, realizing late, that you weren’t.


It’s not that we were opposites.

but you have always convinced yourself of truths

while I’ve had to research mine, knowing

from experience, all is not what it seems

especially when family is involved.

You adjust blinders, I remove mine.

I’ve touched the bottom and seen my truth,

cold, ugly, frightening, undeniable.

You skirt the edges.


end 6/27/2018

Sascha Darlington

8 thoughts on “The Opposite of Love #amwriting

  1. Wonderfully honest and beautiful. Searching out the corners of this love, I think without casting aspersions. I am left unsure whether the deep researcher or the poem edge skitter is more to be emulated, but those who have plumbed dark corners feel the light better when they see it. This is strangely similar to Grace’s poem, like it is from a slightly alternate universe. Thank you for this.

  2. These lines:
    “I thought you were all I could never be
    until I was, realizing late, that you weren’t.”
    A very hard-truth poem. I think there is such a thing as undconditional love….but it also contains the statement “I love you but I do not like what you are doing.” Or “I love you, but I hate what you are saying.” So — I think there can be some amount of hate within love…does that make sense?
    Here you’ve defined a relationship so very well….that definition coming to light with the passage of time. I also think these words “You adjust blinders, I remove mine.” are very interesting ones. I wonder if one’s responses to the world, to issues and problems, adjusts as we get older, our peripheral vision narrowing somewhat?
    Ah you’ve made me ponder a lot here….and that is the sign of a good writer!
    Glad you posted to the prompt.

    1. Thank you so much Lilian. I think most people want unconditional love, idealized love, suspecting that the grass is greener next door when upon closer inspection, it’s not. But I do believe that some people do fin others with whom they just click. Maybe there’s some sparring, but no grudges are ever held.

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