“Cheers” #SoCS

“Cheers” has been written for Linda Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Thank you, Linda!



He says, “Cheers” and sounds so damn amiable that I want to toss the entirety of his pint at him. How could he break up with me now? Here? In the middle of my brother’s gig?

You’d never tell it by looking at him. You’d think he could at least tone down the smile. The smile isn’t for me though. He knows what his accent does to the women around him. He’ll just keep smiling and speaking and find a replacement for me as quickly as he can say, “cheers.”

There’s one thing he didn’t count on.

My brother gestures to me. I stand up and approach the small stage at the front of the bar, maybe there’s a little extra swagger in my step, and maybe my smile’s so wide that it feels like it’s going to break my face as I get behind the microphone. I whisper to Jimmy, who frowns when I tell him to play “Since U Been Gone.” But it’s right as soon as I begin singing. Maybe there is freedom in this. Maybe I’ll find my own freedom now that no one’s controlling me.

“Cheers,” I think.



Sascha Darlington


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    • Thanks. For me, I can tell that the words haven’t been picked over and pruned and the number of “ands” that show up. I confess to having a trustworthy voice in my head who likes talk. There was a time when I didn’t appreciate her; I do now.
      I promise that writing flash fiction and taking part in photo prompts will take care of wordiness. However, you’ll want it back when you write a novel. 🙂


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