WordPress Weirdness

Do any of you schedule your posts in advance? Have you noticed lately that when you go to proof them or check for any anomalies that there is a great big one because, while it used to show your entire post when you would go to edit, now it shows…nothing? I have had one solid freak out because it looked like wordpress lost my entire book review, which fortunately I had already saved to NetGalley. (And, yes, lesson learned; I am now writing them in Word. I may even start saving them there too, just for piece of mind, and because that’s probably what I should have always been doing, but, you know, that bit of logic is neither here nor there.)

Now I’ve been going to preview, but even then the graphics don’t show up.

Right now I’m biting my nails while hoping that everything shows up for the next two blog tours.

The phrase I used to hear a lot: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it? Well, THAT!

Frustrated rant is over. Go about your regularly scheduled blog readings. 😉


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  1. I’ve scheduled a few things, but nothing like this has happened to me. It would appear that any challenges done in advance that don’t require the Mr Linky or Blue Frog link ups (they don’t work on post dated items I think) are actually available to view as a preview before they post on the designated day.

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