Real #amwriting


Once she thought she was a fake, that everyone would discover. But she kept at it all, living and writing, watching the constellations at night and the sunrise in the morning, listening to the cicadas and the crickets and seasonal birds whispering of their voyage. And then a day dawned so similar to the ones that had come before, but on this one she realized she was not afraid of exposure, because she was real.

Sascha Darlington

written for the Word of the Day Challenge: Exposure

9 thoughts on “Real #amwriting

  1. OMG! You haven’t read Velveteen Rabbit! You MUST read that book. And have tissues handy when you do. It’s absolutely the best kids’ book (for adults, too). And while you’re at it, read The Littlest Angel (if you haven’t). Happy 4th!

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