Time in the World

All the time in the world

There’s always tomorrow.

She was that woman, procrastinating on life, until life raised its middle finger and laughed.

When they’re dead, it’s too late to tell them you loved them, you never meant the words you said, beg for forgiveness. When they’re dead, all of the unsaid words, best intentions, half-hearted gestures, mean nothing.

And how do you forgive yourself when you believed you had all the time in the world?


Sascha Darlington

26 thoughts on “Time in the World

  1. Loved this, Sascha. It’s true, life’s short, do your best, apologize if you need to, get on with living. Sharing, caring, giving. You are the best!

  2. Heartbreaking, but I think if they are dead and gone, they already know she loved them. What’s hurting her is her regret as she can’t see beyond to the other side. She can only feel life without them and is haunted. But she needs to forgive herself b/c they are in a better place with no more tears, and they’ve forgiven her.

    And time to humans in life runs how we function and live but after, I don’t think it matters. So, it may seem like forever until she can say those words, but to her loved ones the time is not a concern, for them she’s with them in a moment and they know how much she missed them. I got caught up in this one. Thinking of LoneStars “I’m Already There.” But your point is a good one, we don’t know ho much time we or others have.

  3. Very true, Sascha. Our human finiteness makes us who we are, as long as we’re aware of it. That’s why I stopped working on my plan to come back as a zombie. Your artwork is going ahead in leaps and bounds.

      1. Yes, I try to keep an eye on whatever fantasy and sci-fi is around. I like the iZombie idea of being zombified if you have a fatal condition. It’s a pity that reality is so much harder than fantasy.

      2. I would, except that I don’t want to offend any crocodiles on WordPress who might see the image. They tend to be quite sensitive about these things, and I know a lot of them thought the Crocodile Rock was unfair stereotyping.

      3. Yes, you do. Crocodiles are in fact very sensitive creatures, who enjoy quiet evenings admiring the sunset, listening to Debussy, perhaps with a cognac clutched in their claw. They are certainly not flashy, shallow, fans of rock ‘n’ roll.

      4. It’s the 50s, the band is crocodiles and crocodiles are rocking out with all the moves. Some wallflower crocodiles are waiting to be asked to dance.

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